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Illustrating Scott: A Database of Printed Illustrations to the Waverley Novels, 1814-1901

Welcome to the Database of Printed Illustrations to the Waverley Novels, which contains just over 1500 entries for illustrations to Walter Scott's prose fiction that appeared in print form in Britain between the publication of Scott's first novel Waverley in 1814 and the end of the nineteenth century.

Funded by a one-year grant from the British Academy, the Illustrating Scott project was produced through the Centre for the History of the Book at the University of Edinburgh, in association with Edinburgh University Library. The project has made extensive use of the Library's Corson Collection of Scott-related material and the Walter Scott Digital Archive maintained by Paul Barnaby. Each database record contains information about the image's production, publication, and content, as well as a link to the actual image when this is available.

The database can be queried by three search methods:

    • Simple search: this allows for generalized and broad analysis to be conducted.
    • Advanced search: this method queries the database using a variety of specific fields.
    • Browse keywords: this lists and allows searches through some 580 special keywords.

Copyright of the Database of Printed Illustrations to the Waverley Novels belongs to Professor Peter Garside and Ruth McAdams, the main compilers of the database. Copyright in the structure and design of the database belongs to the Information Systems Team, IS. Access is provided solely for the purpose of research, teaching, private study, and general interest. Prior written permission is required for any alteration or redistribution of the database, or substantial portion thereof in any form, including electronic. Prior written permission is also required for any commercial exploitation of the database's contents. Proper acknowledgement should be made when citing or quoting materials. For full details about citing materials contained in the Database of Printed Illustrations to the Waverley Novels, please follow this link.

Flora In The Glen

'Flora in the Glen of Glennaquoich', engraved by Charles Heath after Charles Robert Leslie. From: The Waverley Album (London: C. Heath, 1832)

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