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Record Number: CHT0003

Related Work: Waverley

Illustration Title/Caption: The Novice

Keyword(s): Battles - Gardiner, Colonel - Highlanders - Horses - Sick & Wounded Persons - Soldiers - Waverley, Edward

Artist: John Massey Wright

Engraver: Frederick Bacon

Work Type: steel engraving

Size(cm): 10.2 x 7.8

Date: 1833

Source Text: W. H. Harrison, Christmas Tales, Historical and Domestic (London: Jennings & Chaplin, [1833])

Position in Source Text: facing p. 133

Location of Copy: O, 1832.851

Image File Name: No image available for this record.

Notes: Depicts apparently Colonel Gardiner on the ground beside his fallen horse, with Waverley in Highland military dress attempting to help him, with another figure (possibly representing Fergus MacIvor) behind him; in the background Highland infantry attack mounted troopers [Ch. 47]. Imprint reads: London. Published August 1 1832, by Jennings & Chaplin, 62 Cheapside. Introductory statement to the containing work states: 'That the Pictorial Embellishments of the Annuals are derived from subjects originally unconnected with the volumes they adorn, and that, consequently, the Letter-press is adapted to the Plates, is a fact so generally known, that little credit for candour is claimed in the avowal that the Engravings of this Work were made from drawings, by eminent masters, intended to illustrate the Novels of Sir Walter Scott’. Title/caption here matches the title of the second of the four stories in the collection.

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