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Record Number: LIW0001

Related Work: Waverley

Illustration Title/Caption: Room at Abbotsford

Keyword(s): Abbotsford - Arms & Armaments - Art & Paintings - Books - Hunting

Artist: David Roberts

Engraver: Edward Francis Finden

Work Type: steel engraving

Size(cm): 8 x 11.7

Date: 1832

Source Text: Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels, with Descriptions of the Views, 2 vols (London: Charles Tilt, 1832)

Position in Source Text: vol. 1, facing p. 1

Location of Copy: EUL, Corson H.MAR.1

Image File Name: No image available for this record.

Notes: Depicts a loft at Abbotsford, including Scott's desk, where the early manuscript of Waverley was supposedly discovered, some armour and weaponry, books, and antlers. Accompanying quoted text (p.1) from 1829 'General Preface' to the Waverley Novels: 'I happened to want . . . manuscript presented itself'(Magnum Opus edition, vol. 1, pp. xvii-xviii). Legend states published December 1831.

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