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Record Number: ERE0004

Related Work: Redgauntlet

Illustration Title/Caption: Steenie Steenson demanding a Receipt for his Rent from Sir Robert Redgauntlet / (Wandering Willie’s Tale)

Keyword(s): Apparitions & Ghosts - Contracts - Eating & Drinking - Redgauntlet, Sir Robert - Steenson, Steenie

Artist: William Brassey Hole

Engraver: Thomas Brown

Work Type: steel engraving

Size(cm): 16.2 x 27.2

Date: 1876

Source Text: Six Engravings in Illustration of Redgauntlet for the Members of the Royal Association for Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland ([Edinburgh: the Association], 1876)

Position in Source Text: [Plate 4]

Location of Copy: EUL, Corson H.RAPFAS.9

Image File Name: No image available for this record.

Notes: Depicts Steenie facing Sir Robert Redgauntlet and his roistering comrades, in what appears to him to be the hall at Redgauntlet Castle, having apparently received his rent receipt from Sir Robert. Accompanying quoted text: ‘So saying, he . . . and not to yours’ [Letter 11; EEWN 17.96-98].

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