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Record Number: BOR0102

Related Work: Abbot, The

Illustration Title/Caption: Roland Dismissed

Keyword(s): Attendants & Servants - Avenel, Mary - Bradbourne, Lilias - Graeme, Roland

Artist: Gordon Frederick Browne

Engraver: Henry Macbeth-Raeburn

Work Type: etching

Size(cm): 14 x 9.5

Date: 1893

Source Text: Waverley Novels [Border Edition], ed. Andrew Lang, 48 vols (London: John C. Nimmo, 1892-94)

Position in Source Text: vol. 20, facing p. 80

Location of Copy: NLS, Lit.S.22

Image File Name: No image available for this record.

Notes: Depicts Roland Graeme walking away, hands folded behind back, having been dismissed by the Lady of Avenel, who stands before her chair with Lilias holding onto its back and looking on [Ch. 5].

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