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Record Number: NTE0024

Related Work: Quentin Durward

Illustration Title/Caption: Quentin Durward / Quentin Rescuing Isabelle at the Sack of Schonwaldt

Keyword(s): Durward, Quentin - Croye, Isabelle, Countess de ('Jacqueline') - Pavillon, Syndic Hermann - Arms & Armaments - Chivalry

Artist: Thomas M. Wright

Engraver: R. Baker

Work Type: engraving

Size(cm): 9 x 7

Date: 1825

Source Text: Novels and Romances of the Author of Waverley [18mo issue], 7 vols (Edinburgh: Constable & Co., 1825)

Position in Source Text: vol. 6 (frontispiece)

Location of Copy: BL 12604.a.3

Image File Name: 0014588d.jpg

Notes: Depicts Quentin Durward, in armour and feathered bonnet, rescuing kneeling Countess Isabelle, with Syndic Hermann Pavillon (also in armour) looking on [Ch. 21]. Imprint of Hurst, Robinson, & Co., London (the secondary publishers on title-page). Also appears in 'The Waverley Album' (London: Charles Heath, [1832]), facing p. 51 (see image). Vol. also includes title-page vignette of Castle of Peronne as in vol. 9 of 1824 12mo issue, but with engraver given as Edward Finden.

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