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Record Number: LAD0007

Related Work: Ivanhoe

Illustration Title/Caption: Ivanhoe / Vol. 1 p. 110

Keyword(s): Isaac of York - Ivanhoe, Wilfred of - Jews - Journeys & Travellers

Artist: Richard Westall

Engraver: James Heath

Work Type: engraving

Size(cm): 10.5 x 7.5

Date: 1820

Source Text: The Lady's Magazine; or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, new series (London, 1820-29)

Position in Source Text: vol. 1, no. 1 (February 1820), facing p. 101

Location of Copy: NLS, AB.3.79.56

Image File Name: 0007498d.jpg

Notes: Depicts Ivanhoe disguised as the palmer, with staff in hand, standing in front of the startled figure of Isaac, who rises from his bed [Ch. 6]. Accompanying text (pp. 101-03) headed 'The Deliverance of Isaac the Jew: An Extract from the Romance of Ivanhoe'. Title/caption reference is to original edition. Also appears as a separate print in the Corson Collection (P. 2972) (see image).

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