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Record Number: ILM0005

Related Work: Monastery, The

Illustration Title/Caption: The Monastery / Warden Reproving Julian Avenel for His Injustice to Catherine

Keyword(s): Avenel, Julian - Catherine of Newport - Clergy - Warden, Henry

Artist: Richard Westall

Engraver: Charles Heath

Work Type: engraving

Size(cm): 9.5 x 7.5

Date: 1821

Source Text: The Monastery, a Romance by the Author of 'Waverley' Illustrated with Engravings by Charles Heath, from Drawings by Richard Westall, Esq. R.A. (London: Hurst, Robinson, & Co., 1821)

Position in Source Text: [Plate 4]

Location of Copy: EUL, Corson H.ALL

Image File Name: 0014456d.jpg

Notes: Depicts Henry Warden, with white hair, pointing his arm upwards accusingly, while Julian Avenel sits on a throne-like chair, with the imploring figure of Catherine bending at his side; two soldiers are also visible behind [Ch. 25]. Also appears as a separate print in the Corson Collection (P. 3001) (see image).

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