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Record Number: SKE0012

Related Work: Guy Mannering

Illustration Title/Caption: The Toors Cave

Keyword(s): Caves - Pirates & Robbers

Artist: James Skene

Engraver: No Engraver

Work Type: etching

Size(cm): 8 x 13.4

Date: 1829

Source Text: A Series of Sketches of the Existing Localities alluded to in the Waverley Novels Etched from Original Drawings (Edinburgh: Cadell & Co., 1829[-1831])

Position in Source Text: facing p. 30

Location of Copy: EUL, Corson B.SKE.3

Image File Name: No image available for this record.

Notes: Depicts Torrs Cave as an equivalent of Dirk Hatteraick's cave, with figures representing Hatteraick and Meg Merrilies within the cave, and three other figures concealed near the entrance. Accompanying quoted text (p. 31), with reference to original edition: 'While this dialogue . . . salmon by night. / Guy Mannering, Vol. III, p. 285.' See Ch. 54; EEWN 2, 331. Originally issued as part of a separate number in 1829.

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