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Record Number: FIS0066

Related Work: Kenilworth

Illustration Title/Caption: Wayland Smith's Cave / Cavenne de Wayland Smith

Keyword(s): Artisans - Caves - Sludge, Dickie ('Flibbertigibbet') - Smith, Wayland - Tressilian, Edmund

Artist: Henry Melville

Engraver: Robert Staines

Work Type: steel engraving

Size(cm): 8.3 x 13.5

Date: 1837

Source Text: Waverley Novels, 48 vols (London: Fisher, Son & Co., 1836-39)

Position in Source Text: vol. 22, facing p. 187

Location of Copy: EUL, Corson A.7.a.1836-9/22

Image File Name: 0007558d.jpg

Notes: Depicts Tressilian confronting Wayland Smith outside the entrance to his forge, the latter attired in a bear-skin and holding up a hammer, with Sludge ('Flibbertigibbet') kneeling timorously on the ground [Ch. 10]. Also appears in 'Landscape-Historical Illustrations of Scotland and the Waverley Novels' [Plate 55] (London: Fisher, [1836-38]): see image.

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