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Record Number: KEP0003

Related Work: Waverley

Illustration Title/Caption: Alice

Keyword(s): Highlanders - Lean, Alice Bean - Waverley, Edward

Artist: Henry Corbould

Engraver: Charles Rolls

Work Type: steel engraving

Size(cm): 10.5 x 8

Date: 1832

Source Text: The Keepsake for 1833 (London: Longman & Co., 1832)

Position in Source Text: facing p. 152

Location of Copy: EUL, Corson E.KEE.6

Image File Name: 0014658d.jpg

Notes: Depicts Alice in the hut where Waverley is held, signalling to him her intention to conceal a packet of papers in the portmanteau which lies opened to the left corner of the picture, while three Highlanders are otherwise involved behind them [Ch. 37]. Employed here to illustrate a short tale, 'The Highland Cottage', by John Carne. Published later in H. I and A. Stevens, 'Scott and Scotland' (London, 1845), facing p. 168, titled there in List of Illustrations as 'Interior of the Cottage'. Exhibited at Royal Academy in 1832 as 'Alice Showing the papers to Waverley' (no. 642).

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