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Record Number: EWA0007

Related Work: Waverley

Illustration Title/Caption: Baron Bradwardine in Hiding

Keyword(s): Books - Bradwardine, Baron of - Caves - Forests & Woodlands

Artist: Peter Graham

Engraver: William Forrest

Work Type: steel engraving

Size(cm): 18 x 25

Date: 1865

Source Text: Eight Engravings in Illustration of Waverley for the Members of the Royal Association for Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland ([Edinburgh: the Association], 1865)

Position in Source Text: [Plate 7]

Location of Copy: EUL, Corson H.RAPFAS.2

Image File Name: 0030049d.jpg

Notes: Depicts Bradwardine with head and shoulders projecting out of his narrow cavern hideaway, holding a small book in one hand, and in rocky landscape with fine detail of vegetation there. Accompanying quoted text: ‘And now I hae gotten a house . . . entering his retreat. . . . At a low whistle . . . old badger with his head out of his hole’ [Chs 65 & 67; EEWN 1, 313, 336].

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