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Record Number: ABB0026

Related Work: Rob Roy

Illustration Title/Caption: Loch Katrine and Ben Venue

Artist & Engraver: Clarkson Stanfield & Robert Brandard

Source Text: Waverley Novels [Abbotsford edition] (Edinburgh: Cadell, 1842-47)


Record Number: LIW0002

Related Work: Waverley

Illustration Title/Caption: Mirkwood Mere

Artist & Engraver: George Barret, the younger & Edward Francis Finden

Source Text: Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels, with Descriptions of the Views, 2 vols (London: Charles Tilt, 1832)


Record Number: FIS0003

Related Work: Waverley

Illustration Title/Caption: The Pass of Bally-Brough / Passage de Bally-Brough

Artist & Engraver: Henry Melville & James Harfield Kernot

Source Text: Waverley Novels, 48 vols (London: Fisher, Son & Co., 1836-39)


Record Number: BOR0003

Related Work: Waverley

Illustration Title/Caption: Abbotsford from the Tweed

Artist & Engraver: D. Herdman & David Young Cameron

Source Text: Waverley Novels [Border Edition], ed. Andrew Lang, 48 vols (London: John C. Nimmo, 1892-94)


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