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Record Number: ILA0001

Related Work: Abbot, The

Illustration Title/Caption: 'Stand not to look on a dying man, but haste to save the Queen.'

Artist & Engraver: Henry Corbould & Charles Heath

Source Text: The Abbot, a Romance, by the Author of 'Waverley', Illustrated with Engravings by Charles Heath, from Paintings by Henry Corbould (London: Hurst, Robinson, & Co., 1824)


Record Number: LAL0008

Related Work: Abbot, The

Illustration Title/Caption: A Fight in Higt [sic] Street Edinburgh/ (The Abbot)

Artist & Engraver: Paul Delaroche & Gerard Rene Le Villain

Source Text: The Lithographic Album of Sir Walter Scott’s Readers, or 12 Sketches by the Following Distinguished Artists R. P. Bonington, P. Delaroche, et E. Lami (London: Colnaghi Son et Co., 1829)


Record Number: CAB0024

Related Work: Anne of Geierstein

Illustration Title/Caption: Death of Queen Margaret

Artist & Engraver: J. Gilbert & William A. Folkard

Source Text: Waverley Novels [Cabinet Edition] (Edinburgh: Robert Cadell, 1841-43)


Record Number: DRY0026

Related Work: Antiquary, The

Illustration Title/Caption: The Duel between Lovel and Captain M'Intyre

Artist & Engraver: Paul Hardy & James Davis Cooper

Source Text: Waverley Novels [Dryburgh Edition], 25 vols (London & Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black, 1892-94)


Record Number: LAD0027

Related Work: Betrothed, The

Illustration Title/Caption: Tales of the Crusaders / (Vide Page 233)

Artist & Engraver: Henry Courtney Selous & Charles Heath

Source Text: The Lady's Magazine; or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, new series (London, 1820-29)


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