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Record Number: FIS0059

Related Work: Abbot, The

Illustration Title/Caption: Holyrood Palace. The Regent Murray & Roland Graeme / Palais de Holyrood. Le Regent Murray & Roland Graeme

Artist & Engraver: Alexander Chisholm & Peter Lightfoot

Source Text: Waverley Novels, 48 vols (London: Fisher, Son & Co., 1836-39)


Record Number: SKE0037

Related Work: Bride of Lammermoor, The

Illustration Title/Caption: Wintoun House

Artist & Engraver: James Skene & No Engraver

Source Text: A Series of Sketches of the Existing Localities alluded to in the Waverley Novels Etched from Original Drawings (Edinburgh: Cadell & Co., 1829[-1831])


Record Number: EFM0004

Related Work: Fair Maid of Perth, The

Illustration Title/Caption: The Gateway, Falkland Palace

Artist & Engraver: George Reid & John Saddler

Source Text: Six Engravings in Illustration of The Fair Maid of Perth for the Members of the Royal Association for Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland ([Edinburgh: the Association], 1878)


Record Number: BOR0219

Related Work: Fair Maid of Perth, The

Illustration Title/Caption: Falkland Castle

Artist & Engraver: George Reid & Henry Macbeth-Raeburn

Source Text: Waverley Novels [Border Edition], ed. Andrew Lang, 48 vols (London: John C. Nimmo, 1892-94)


Record Number: NTD0027

Related Work: Fortunes of Nigel, The

Illustration Title/Caption: [Whitehall]

Artist & Engraver: Alexander Nasmyth & W. Archibald

Source Text: Novels and Romances of the Author of Waverley [12mo issue], 9 vols (Edinburgh: Constable & Co., 1824)


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